What’s a Woman?

March 7, 2019

This International Women’s Day, we got together with some rather inspiring women of today to celebrate what marks women empowerment in it’s truest sense. While these remarkable personalities, from various walks of life, emanate the balance of what it takes to be the modern woman of today’s time, they represent our belief of What’s a Woman? She’s bright, she’s confident, she’s passionate, she’s elegant… she’s everything in between.

Soha Ali Khan | Actress, Author

As confident as the colour of her dress, Soha Ali Khan redefines the balance of bold and beautiful in a berry ensemble. Whether it’s balancing being a full-time mother to a budding author with her latest book The Perils of Being Moderately Famous, Soha represents the modern, confident and ambitious Indian woman.

Bahaar Dhawan | Artist, Lawyer

As bright as the vibrance in her outfit, Bahaar Dhawan mirrors the artist encrypted in her, in a flouncy sea blue number. Whether it’s playing lawyer by the day to an artist by the night, Bahaar is a woman on a mission. As abstract as the art on her canvas, she represents the limitless woman, full of vibrance and intelligence.

Diva Dhawan | Model

As graceful as the flow of her dress, Diva Dhawan exudes opulent elegance in a blush satin ensemble. Being every bit of the diva she is, Dhawan portrays the unconventional feminine grace that stands aspiring for every woman. From playing muse to remarkable designers, to changing the beauty standards of an Indian woman, Diva represents true modern elegance.

Sarah Todd | Celebrity Chef

As creative as the details of her dress, Sarah Todd gives pretty in pink a whole new look and feel, fresh off the kitchen. Whether it’s experimenting with food, or with life, Masterchef Australia winner Sarah Todd exudes creativity in it’s truest sense, inspiring us to be embrace the grace in everything we do.

Namrata Purohit | Celebrity Fitness Trainer

As passionate as the clothes she chooses, Namrata Purohit emanates boldness in a statement monochrome look. Making fitness her passion at a young age, Namrata represents the fierce streak in a woman. Brimming with passion and strength, ready to take on the world, Namrata gives power a whole new definition.