Why it’s Okay to Wear White on a Rainy Day

June 28, 2018

Monsoon is right around the corner and the time to push away white is here. On the contrary, we can’t stop thinking about how and why a harmless white becomes a no-no on such days. While psychology explains how white’s a positive colour, think taking that extra ‘risk’ and flaunt happiness this season, because why not!

Pick Nude Underclothes

The obvious case of becoming see-through can be a thing of the past, thanks to nude under clothing. Opting for nude under clothing that match your skin tone is a smart way to glide through a rainy day in white. While choosing an outfit, opt for thicker fabrics like jacquards or crepes to double cross the chances of looking transparent.

Get Rid of Dirt

We’re all a little extra careful while wearing white; however, skipping to wear it just because it’s a rainy day is a terrible excuse. Yes it’s white, yes it may get dirty, but rain would never permanently damage your clothing! For starters, use waterproof makeup to prevent unwanted makeup stains on your clothing. Opt for fabrics that are easily washable in warm water; and use a mild bleaching agent or lemon juice to get rid of any prominent marks.

Think Short Ensembles and Layering

Opt for shorter hemlines like a biker dress or a pair of shorts instead of long maxis or trousers to lessen the chances of getting completely drenched and/or stained. The best way to carry white on a rainy day is to layer it on top of a coloured tank top. Throw a white tie-up shirt over a colourful cami and team it with a pair of high-waisted shorts.