Keep Your Beach Bag Ready With These Essentials

August 16, 2018

Be sun kissed and surf swept, with some essentials in your beach bag!

Sunblock & Aloe Vera Gel

Invest in a good sun-block and always check the label. Pick a non-greasy formula with 30+ SPF, UVA and UVB protection and PA+++ properties for best results. Keep a tube of aloe vera gel handy, to instantly sooth any sun-burns.

Waterproof phone case/bag

Get waterproof phone cases or traditional zip-lock bags to keep your phone protected at all times.


Extra hair-ties are always needed to tame the frizz. Braid your hair to protect them from becoming a tangled mess.


Keep a scarf handy by tying it to your bag’s handle, to protect yourself from the scorching sun.


No beach bag is complete without a pair of trendy sunglasses that act as a protecting barrier against any harsh sun rays. Play with over-sized shapes to up your style game.