Jewellery for Every Face Stucture

June 25, 2018

Accessorizing is key when it comes to bringing a look together. A piece of jewellery can either make or break your look.  It’s essential to opt for pieces that not only compliment your outfit, but also suit your face structure, which we often overlook. Our team created a guide by selecting styles for various face shapes only to help you pick flattering pieces for yourself!

Pick earrings that balance proportions, we explain how:

  1. Women with rounder face shapes should opt for dangle-drop earrings or long tassels to give length to the face, thus make it appear slimmer.
  2. Women with oval face shapes can carry almost every style, however, triangular shaped earrings or fan shaped earrings help accentuate the cheekbone structure.
  3. Opt for big and chunky earrings or hoops if you have a smaller or heart shaped face structure to bring volume to the face.
  4. Go for over-sized statement studs if you have a long and narrow, or a square face structure to balance the overall proportion.

Opt for necklaces that accentuate your face structure, we explain how:

  1. Women with round face structures should opt for long, t-shaped or v-shaped necklaces to give the appearance of a narrow face.
  2. Women with oval face structures can opt for any style, however, long rounded or full-necklaces work best for the shape.
  3. Chokers should be your best friend if you have a long and narrow face structure, to accentuate the neck, thus drawing attention away from the length of the face.
  4. Opt for big statement necklaces if you have a smaller or heart shaped face structure to draw the attention away from the chin area, thus making it appear more proportionate.