At Home Inspiration

April 2, 2020


A lot of times, meditation can seem difficult to practice. Here are some tips to focus effectively and really gain what mediation has to offer.

-Create the environment and get comfortable. Dim the lights and sit cross-legged or lie down comfortably.

-Focus on your breath. Notice where you feel the inhales and exhales: the nose, chest or belly. Follow the rise and fall of the breath.

-Notice when you’re lost in thought. When you notice your mind trailing off, see if you can shift your attention back to simple in-breaths and out-breaths.

-Treat yourself kindly. How you speak to yourself in that moment when your mind wanders is an essential part of the practice. Be kind. Begin again.


Little Fires Everywhere

Big Little Lies

Gossip Girl


The Office

Gilmore Girls

Marvellous Mrs Maisel

The Morning Show

Sex Education

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Styling Hollywood


Create your own routine. Pick up exercises that combine some basic warm-ups and some core strengthening moves and put together your own home workout regime!

Here are some fun yet effective routines we’re loving at the moment :

-POPSUGAR Fitness – 15 Minute Beginner’s At-Home Cardio Workout

-Pamela Reif – 20 Minute Full Body Workout (Beginner Version)

-MadFit – 15 Minute Total Core/Ab Workout 

-POPSUGAR Fitness – 4 Minute No-Weight Arm Toning Workout


Get dressed in comfortable yet put-together clothing to keep yourself on track. Here are some of our current favourite styles :